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Monday, May 10, 2004
  We would never/We would not.

From Edan, posted here.

If they gathered us all in one place, all 20 million of us, our number would be similar to that of the entire population of Australia. We could have been a continent of our own!

Now suppose you then take 66 thousand people who do not "have" Asperger's and disperse them evenly among this theoretical continent, shake well, and observe: what would the symptomology be for those 66 thousand "others"?

Their two main defining symptoms would be:

1. Lack of a strong focus or drive in their lives. Their interests tend to get dispersed, and are often counter-productive.

2. Desperate need for social coherence and grouping, and an inability to define themselves without this. Inability to spend time alone (The systems that our culture would have created would cater for our social needs in a way that is balanced with our advancement, and caters to our individualistic needs, but these would be insufficient for these "special needs" people).

As a group, they would also be more prone to fight and start wars. Wars rely on a certain social affinity that we do not have. We would never group up in this way. Our deeds would never be of this sort of communal warmenship. We would not feel the same sense of belonging, at least not in a way that is beyond a theoretical concept.

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