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Thursday, May 06, 2004
  The thinkings what're from persons in forums.

Asperger's people are excellent at memorization, music, language skills, and math. Often though as adults, they can't hold the simplest of jobs, due to the very specific and idiosynchratic way they must think through any task.

Asperger's people take alot of getting to know before you realize there's anything off about them.

A person with an authentic case of Asperger's is one who would fit the bill of having a documented high I.Q. but no apparent common sence, and no obvious signs of a psychological disorder.


alot of people suffer from this problem I am one of them its more of an inferiority complex a fear of being judged and found lacking and then subconsciously try to suppress any unusually interesting comments to not attract attention.


Is this one of those autistic spectrum disorders (e.g. Asperger's) which amount to a bundle of eccentricities and don't really handicap the child overall? Or is it a real handicap, albeit a mild one?


This child[with Asperger]'s life doesn't generally suck. S'he wouldn't stand for it. Rather the child seems to be contributing to the other family members' lives sucking.


Even when communication is perfect on the part of others, it may take the individual 4 yrs. to "get" their point of view.


In conclusion: a person with Asperger's syndrome or autism has to compensate for poor social skills by making themselves so good in a specialized field that people will be willing to 'buy' their skill even though social skills are poor.

--Tom Hathaway

Some people assert that many hackers have a mild form of autism or Asperger's Syndrome, and are actually missing some of the brain circuitry that lubricates `normal' human social interaction.


I have a propensity for unintentional rudeness. I think I'm one of those geeks with a mild form of Asperger's Syndrome. When we find others like us (like on usenet or irc), we tend to communicate in ways that appear rude to more normal folk. Sometimes we forget whom we are talking to and assume everyone else is like us. I'm aware of it and I try to guard against it. Pissing normal people off is a bad survival strategy.


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