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Thursday, May 06, 2004
  Some might say.

Many autistic persons refuse to accept their condition as a ‘disorder’ – and I agree that autism is simply another state of being. In a sense, they are indigenous aliens living in a world dominated by the ‘human’ brain, or neocortex, with which they experience little connection.

However, autistic opponents of the ‘disorder’ theory are quite happy to remain as they are, and refuse to entertain such notions.

My contention has been that the chief cause of autistic behaviour is a predominant reptilian brain.

It is now fairly obvious to scientists involved in autism brain research, that the neocortex and mammalian brains of autistic persons appear to be defective in some way...

In light of the fact that many autistic persons suffer from serotonin and melatonin deficiencies (however, a minority contain an abundant amount), seemingly clinical (biologically caused) in nature… could this be related to a predominant reptilian brain? Depression, anxiety, and insomnia are primarily caused by these deficiencies.

Could the Illuminati – who own the transnational drug companies, among much else, be behind a secret conspiracy to regress humanity back into its reptilian state? Should the Illuminati reptilians be planning on revealing themselves en-mass to the public, they may think co-existence would be easier if we were primarily centred in the R-complex. This could be a form of genocide, whereby they are attempting to eliminate characteristics from humanity, that they do not like.

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