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Friday, May 07, 2004
  Forgive me Dave.

The following from here.

A Letter of Apology to CF.com & Dave Kerwin on this subject...

Dear ChristianForums.com & Dave Kerwin,

I can understand your negative feelings towards me on the subject of masterbation. The truth of the matter is, I was confused. You see, I was going through a test, similiar to the test Job went through. My hands, as you know, have been hurting, and I was looking for a way out. Looking for an excuse. So I found masterbation. Sure it felt good, etc. However, deep inside, I was immoral. If you don't know, I have Asperger's Autism Spectrum Disorder (http://www.Asperger.org). Part of the syndrome is that I get confused. A LOT.

If there's one thing I ask is for Dave Kerwin & CF.com to forgive me. I feel I let all of you down. Please accept my humble, sincere, and truthful apologies. I've repented now, and am in the process of healing. Please pray that I will not masterbate anymore and that Satan will loosen his grip on my life. Dave Kerwin, you were right. Masterbation is a sin, and we must turn from it. I've learned the hard way that one cannot serve Christ & then go and masterbate. Masterbation is lust. See Timothy 2:22 for more information.

In Christ,
Jesse B.

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