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Friday, May 07, 2004

The following information/disinformation courtesy/discourtesy of this blog.

8 reasons 90% of men with Asperger's syndrome never date!

1: At age 30, they are still at the maturity level of a 16-year old.

2: They are seen as retards in their hometown.

3: They were early frozen out of places where other boys/men meet women, such as school and sports and they can't stand bars and public places because they will easily be bullied there.

4: Women rarely date men who barely graduated junior high. People with Asperger's Syndrome are, contrary to what experts and most people with AS themselves say, functionally retarded. The "High IQ thing" is a lie. Most people with AS never go to college, and if they do, it will usually be for useless degrees such as languages, history and philosophy. Most people with AS are dyscalculic because they have problems thinking abstractly (they think in pictures, not in formulas) and their immaturity in their teens and the bullying they are victims make them quit school early or to not care about homework.

5: They can be ashamed of their sexdrives and for only wanting sex, not a girlfriend, not marriage or kids. Their only contact with women often comes from porn and TV and media presenting women as millitantly asexual one day and as dildo-loving nymphomanic the next. This makes them even more confused about women.

6: They know that they can never have a thin, fit woman, like porn and the media indoctrinated them to prefer. They know they could have a fat, shy woman who may have the same problems as them in finding friends, but they despise her body because they want "Britneys".

7: They fear redicule, lies and rumors. People with AS are often hypervigilant, a form of post-traumatic stress disorder wich can be explained as "concious paranoia". They don't dare to do anything out of fear that they will be rediculed into suecide.

8: They know very well that having a child or a sibling with AS is difficult, and doesn't want a girlfriend to go through the same bad things.

- posted by Ole Joergen @ 5/1/2004 04:03:55 PM

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